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The 10-hectare property development, Camella Santiago, is designed and master planned to contain the most important and useful facilities and amenities that homeowners will always find delightful.  The housing project composed of house and lots for sale is a self-contained community that has the complete features as well as wide and open spaces for everyone.

In the property, there is a swimming pool, which is one of the standards of Camella when building and master planning community. They are consistent in adding this feature because they recognize the importance of sports, recreation and leisure for residents and buyers.  

The swimming pool is the ideal venue for spending quality time with your loved ones especially in the summer when the weather can be unforgiving. Having a community swimming pool, you and your precious ones do not have to travel to and from the nearby beaches and resorts to beat the heat. 

Camella Santiago also has its basketball court, another social and interactive feature of the community. It lets you play hoops and other sports with friends, family and new neighbors. In the court, you can also sweat up and exercise to tone your muscle and keep your body healthy. Without going to a nearby basketball court, you can play anytime that your heart desires by choosing it here.

In addition, there is a playground that lets your children play outdoor games that will keep them healthy and strong. They can also develop their self-confidence and socialization skills playing with other children in the neighborhood. They will also keep themselves healthy and strong playing under the sun versus spending more time indoors on their mobile devices.  Promoting camaraderie and developing your child’s health, wellness and confidence, the playground is one of the most useful spots in the community.

The property also has other features are the wide public spaces that let neighbors and friends enjoy a pleasant time living in the neighborhood. This developer is  also able to balance the design to contain natural settings an wide modern lifestyle spaces the best welfare of the residents. 

One of those features that they also included in the master planning of the project is the clubhouse. It is the perfect venue for the residents to hold events, gatherings and parties. The venue is also large enough to hold other family affairs and occasions, such as birthdays and weddings.

The community also has well lit streets, a perimeter fence, and guarded and gated entrance, all improving the convenience and safety of the residents at Camella Santiago.   It has a perimeter fence and roving security guards that also add to the safety and security of the residents.

By investing at Camella Santiago, you and your loved ones can make use of these facilities and amenities exclusively and enjoy it at the community that has all the features you’re looking for when buying a house and lot for sale in Santiago. Are you ready to buy your first or second home in Santiago Isabela? Choose Camella Vista Land! It is a reputable development company that has a proven background of excellence and commitment to building more homes to the Filipino families. Chat with us now!

  • Gazebo
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
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